June 25, 2015

Wine & Spirits

The Wine & Spirits market segments have both seen considerable growth in recent years. Unlike many segments in the beverage industry, consumer consumption continues to increase in both wine and spirits. Customer choice is especially important in the wine and spirits industry today. Thus, the number of brands in both market segments continues to grow. Meanwhile, consolidation and acquisition has considerably reduced the number of wine and spirit manufacturing facilities around the world.

While the continued growth of these markets is exciting, the trends mentioned above do present a number of challenges to both brand owners and distributors. As brands continue to proliferate, marketers are forced to differentiate their product through innovation in the packages themselves, resulting in a dramatic increase in the number of SKUs on the shelf. Consolidation of manufacturing plants and warehouses are further increasing the number of SKUs, as well as the overall volume of product that is processed through the supply chain. The result…… supply chains must be more flexible than ever.

Vertique provides solutions that enable the wine and spirits industry to efficiently handle an ever-increasing number of SKUs while providing the flexibility for future expansion.