June 24, 2015

Vertique Case Picking

Vertique is the world’s leading provider of automated case picking. With an installation base that includes many of the world’s best known consumer packaged goods brands, Vertique offers the most proven, accurate solution on the market today. Powered by industry leading VPS software, Vertique has more case picking installations than any other supplier in the world, and each system comes with a picking accuracy guarantee of 99.98%.

Vertique Advantage:

  • Flexible buffering solutions – vertical and horizontal lane buffering
  • Scalable picking solutions from manual to fully automated for maximum ROI benefit
  • Accurate case picking averages 99.98%
  • Proven, industry-leading VPS software
  • Easily expandable as SKU and volume grows

Scalable Automation

Vertique offers varying automation levels based on both our client’s current ROI requirements and future needs:.

Semi-Automated Vertique (SAV) systems require manual de-palletizing of products. Products are placed into horizontal or vertical buffering systems. Once placed into the buffering system, the product waits to be picked and released into Vertique’s “mixing center”. After the product is picked, it streams through the mixing center, then moves on to the palletizing area, and then off to the delivery truck. For slow-moving SKUs, Vertique can help you achieve a quick return on investment.

Fully-Automated Vertique (FAV) systems work much the same way as SAV (Semi-Automated Vertique) solutions. However, instead of being manually de-palletized, product is automatically de-palletized by a gantry or roboticde-palletizing system. The product is then delivered to the horizontal or vertical buffering systems, in a true “hands-free” operation. The primary advantage of full automation is a further reduction of operator personnel. Most Vertique systems incorporate both “semi-automated” and “fully-automated” in order to help clients meet both space and ROI requirements.


Vertique offers two styles of product buffering solutions based on space requirements and product characteristics. Our patented, vertical Tower Storage Systems and Horizontal Lane Designs not only buffer the product, but also maximize the current warehouse space and minimizing labor.