June 24, 2015

VPS Software

Software is the fundamental building block for any successful warehouse automation solution. Managing thousands of pallet positions and discrete SKU movements, as well as creating millions of mixed-pallet build profiles requires a stable, reliable and innovative technology platform. VPS is the industry-leading proven software that powers it all.

The warehouse control system (WCS) software effectively integrates with all know route accounting and warehouse management software (WMS). In addition, VPS manages inventory and offers web-based, real-time video viewing and analysis for quick remote troubleshooting. This ability is a major advantage of the additional throughput and redundancy offered by our cart-based solutions. In addition, VPS is the most proven case picking software on the market today, and enables Vertique systems to deliver mixed pallets at an accuracy rate of over 99.98%.

VPS Advantage:

  • One of the industry’s most proven software platforms
  • Integrates with existing WMS and routing software including: eoStar, Fleetloader and others.
  • Web-based, real-time video viewing for remote monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • 24/7 virtual service and support

VPS software reduces client risk and results in some of the industry’s highest accuracy rates for our clients. Increased accuracy allows our clients to be more valued suppliers to their customers and puts more money in their pockets.