June 24, 2015


AboutUs_Technology_TopScalable Technologies That Grow as You Do. Whether looking to optimize existing sites or plan the most efficient new buildings, Vertique provides proven, scalable solutions for a variety of industries.

SKU proliferation is forcing all of our clients to reevaluate their storage and distribution strategies. Before you make plans for facility expansion, why not allow our experienced staff to review your options. You might be surprised—especially when you see the money you could be saving.

In most cases, our technologies provide you with an automation solution that requires much less capital than “bricks and mortar” construction. What makes these solutions even better? One provider, one modular software package, and validated technologies.

Vertique is the world’s leading provider of case picking solutions. With more installations than any other provider and a picking accuracy of 99.8%, it is also the most proven and accepted case picking system in the industry—and it’s versatile. Based on your application, Vertique offers both vertical tower and horizontal lane buffering picking solutions, as well as different levels of automation based on your ROI needs.

VPS offers web-based, real-time video viewing for quick remote troubleshooting. The advanced case picking software integrates easily with existing warehouse management systems and delivers comprehensive reporting. VPS also offers real-time analysis that coordinates and manages inventory and increases pick-and-delivery accuracy.

VTP Palletizers further help you maximize warehouse efficiencies and minimize costs. These robotic systems enable quick pallet changeover options, gentle product handling and minimal maintenance requirements.

Vertique brings together advanced technologies, simple designs, intuitive solutions, quick turnarounds, increased efficiencies, and comprehensive optimization for one simple goal: To help customers grow profitably their businesses.