August 10, 2020

VPS 3.23.4 and 3.23.5 Release Notes

August 10, 2020

VPS 3.23.4

New Features


Enhancements to Existing Functionality

NGDT-107 – Build Issue: Better build opportunity (Knoxville)

In this example, the HandStack cases were distributed onto two pallets, with one having HSPA plus HandStack.

Now, the HandStack cases are combined in one pallet and the conventional cases replaced the HandStack on top of the HSPA layers.

This change improves the pallet’s picking and handling time.

NGDT-108 – Build Issue: Better build opportunity (Knoxville)

This is another example of a building improvement by our latest upgrade.  The pallet that was originally built with HSPA layer and HandStack is replaced with a pallet that has conventional cases on top of the HSPA layer.  Another betterment is that it built a HandStack only pallet instead of HSPA plus HandStack.

NGDT-109 – Build Enhancements for Small Systems:  Better build opportunity (Knoxville)

An example was provided by the customer where pallets could have been combined more efficiently.  The build code has been modified to consider the better opportunity. 

This stop had an extra Conventional pallet that could have been combined with either the other two Conventional pallets or with the HandStack pallet:

By making an adjustment to the build type setting HandStack Fill % from 80 to 93, the small Conventional pallet was combined with the HandStack pallet as a workaround:

However, with the latest version of VPS build code, no setting adjustments need to be made and now the Conventional pallets are combined, reducing the overall pallet count by one:

Bug Fixes

NGDT-1283 – VPSx – Knoxville Sideload Manifest missing pages (Knoxville)

This ticket was created because the customer found that some reports and pages where missing when a sideload route was released.  It is now verified that the following reports are properly printed:

  • Loader Map – 2 Copies
  • Out of Stock by route by customer
  • Bay Assignment By Customer
  • Offline Products By Route and Customer Report
  • Archived Out of Stock By Route
  • Archived Pallet Listing By Route

NGDT-1298 – Route stuck in Release Queued (South Metro)

Occasionally, when a route is released, the system will keep it in the Released Queue status.  If the units of that route have been released, this improvement prevents the route from being released for a second time.  This new check was added to prevent “re-releasing” a load that has already been released or is in the incorrect build state in which case the following pop-up screen would display.

NGDT-1310 – Custom Plugin Error:  Core Command Failure (Superior)

Customer was receiving a continual pop-up message as follows:

It was discovered that a custom “Wine and Case Export” plugin was generating this error.  This error is caused when the Staged Route contains all the product that will be delivered, and then the Live Route has no additional items to add to the route. That Live Route goes straight from “Built” to “System Complete” status since there’s nothing for the system to handle. This status jump caused the continual error with the “Wine and Case Export” plugin.  The custom plugin has been modified to handle this condition and the error will no longer pop up.

VPS 3.23.5

New Features


Enhancements to Existing Functionality

NGDT-1349 – Standardized Customer Import:  Add logging around file archiving

Currently nothing is written to the trace log during the archive portion of the Customer Import.  Logging is now added for better traceability to assist the Support team.  The Core service trace log will show when the archive portion starts, which method of file transfer it uses (Local, Bypass, or FTP), any error messages caught in the catch block, and when this portion is complete.  Here is an example of a successful archive within the Core service trace log:

NGDT-1314 – Build Viewer Functionality: Clarification the moving of pallets to different bays (Superior)

There is existing build viewer functionality available allowing a user to rearrange pallets within a built route.  This functionality is only available when one built route is displayed on the build viewer.  On the Load screen after a route is built a user may display the pallets on the build viewer:

In order to rearrange pallets within a route the user must choose the individual build.  In the above example Build 84 is selected alone.  This allows the functionality for moving pallets to different bays available:  

Again, if more than one build is displayed in the build viewer, the move functionality will not be available:

Bug Fixes

NGDT-1296 – Block the movement, combination or deletion of a stop that is associated with a staged pallet (Superior)

Functionality has been put into place to disallow the following “live” Route stop capabilities when a staged pallet is associated with the stop.  This will only effect sites that have staging enabled:

  • Movement of a stop – A stop that has staged pallets associated with it cannot be moved to a new route of the same route number, moved to an existing route listed on load screen, or moved to a new route with a different number
  • Combination of a stop – A stop that has staged pallets associated with it cannot be combined with any other stop on the route
  • Deletion of a stop – A stop that has staged pallets associated with it cannot be deleted from a route

If these functionalities are attempted, the user will be presented with the following message:

The normal functionalities are still allowed on stops that do not have staged pallets associated with it. 

NGDT-1373 – Unhandled exception display when attempting to delete a staged route (Superior)

When attempting to delete a staged route associated to a live route (in built or release state), an unhandled exception message displayed on the screen preventing the deletion of the staged route.

This fix handles the deletion of the staged route properly.