June 12, 2020

VPS 3.23.0 Release Notes

June 12, 2020

New Features


Enhancements to Existing Functionality

NGDT-304 – Add Load Index and Load Number to the column choice of the Unit Release Listing (South Metro)

In an effort to offer more detailed information to our customers, Load Index and Load Number were added to the list of options in the “Column Chooser” window.

When the LoadIndex and LoadNumber fields are double-clicked on the “Column Chooser”, they are displayed after the last column of the Unit Release screen.  Like any other columns, they can be dragged to a new location.

Bug Fixes

NGDT-403 – Investigate excessive HandStack on a pallet (BEK-Dallas)

Customer reported a pallet containing a large quantity of HandStack.  Two products with a quantity of ten were sent to HandStack when it would have been more efficient for the system to make palletized layers.  The build logic was updated to stop this problem from recurring.  Here is a before of the pallet and products in question:

After a rebuild of the route using the new build logic, the two products were built as system layers.  An additional pallet was added, and the overall pallets were rebalanced making for a better shipment:

NGDT-1177 – Custom Export VIP:  Resolve issue with decimal being sent in ASN Export file (PBV)

There was an issue within the ASN Export file where a product had its quantity listed as a number with a decimal (14.0 instead of 14, for example).  The inbound system (VIP) failed to import the file due to this issue.  A code change was made to the export ASN process so that product quantities are never sent as numbers with decimals.

NGDT-1197 – Custom Export VIP:  Do not create Export files for orders entered manually (PBV)

The ASN Pallet and Out of Stock files were being generated for manual orders entered directly into the VPS system.  Going forward, the files will only be produced for orders that are imported using the VPS import order process.