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Vertique Case Picking

Vertique is the world’s leading provider of automated case picking. With an installation base that includes many of the world’s best known consumer packaged goods brands, Vertique offers the most proven, accurate solution on the market today. Powered by industry leading VPS software, Vertique has more case picking installations than any other supplier in the world, and each system comes with a picking accuracy guarantee of 99.98%.

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VTP Palletizers

VTP Palletizers utilize robotic technology for efficient, flexible and scalable pallet loading. Layer forming robots enable quick pallet changeovers, gentle product handling and minimal maintenance. VTP Palletizers are among the most flexible on the market and handle a wide range of products and packaging formats with minimal changeover between products and configurations.

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Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are designed to minimize the space used within a warehouse to obtain higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

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The Vertical Lift Sequencer (VLS) manages order picking requirements through sequencing and the temporary vertical arrangement of packages.

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VPS Software

Software is the fundamental building block for any successful warehouse automation solution. Managing thousands of pallet positions and discrete SKU movements, as well as creating millions of mixed-pallet build profiles requires a stable, reliable and innovative technology platform. VPS is the industry-leading proven software that powers all Vertique warehousing solutions.

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Systore is a framework which supports the system in the management of equipment, workforce and processes within the warehouse.

The North American Team

The best people for the best solutions

John Barry

VP Sales and Marketing, Americas

Jackie King

Design Engineering Manager, (Mechanical/Solutions)

Luis Guillen

PLC Group Manager

Michael Knight

Controls Engineering Manager

Matteo Volponi

Software & IT Engineering Manager

Jason Birdsey

24-7 Team Manager

Latest Updates

Vertique becomes part of System Logistics. “We believe that this strategic acquisition is an opportunity for System Logistics to reinforce our presence in the US market and to complement what we already offer for this market”, has stated Luigi Panzetti, CEO of System Logistics. “Vertique is the leading company in USA for case picking and now it will be able to offer solutions for pallet storage and material handling such as Laser Guided Vehicles”.