System Logistics presents LogHouse, the new Headquarters in the heart of Modena's Innovation Valley.

Although System Logistics belongs to the multinational group Krones and is experiencing a unique global expansion, it continues to rely on its roots in Fiorano Modenese, where the new headquarters are located. This choice conveys a clear message of continuity and willingness to invest in the local scenario.

95,000 square metres in total, of which:
19,000 for the production area
3,500 for the logistics area
7,500 for offices

Relying on more than 40 years of consolidated experience in the field of intralogistics and industrial automation, and with the aim of supporting its production process, System Logistics has designed a genuine logistics hub that fully meets the needs of the company, its customers and its ambitious future goals.

Indeed, the LogHouse intralogistic hub is based on the wide range of technologies produced internally for storage, picking and material handling, and is equipped with innovative solutions that System Logistics offers to its customers by applying an industrial model of particular success for manufacturing companies.

The component picking systems is carried out through a self-supporting automatic warehouse with metal containers and a highly innovative system for managing tote picking. These two technologies are integrated with the production processes via an automated guided vehicle system (AGVs) that sorts the goods picked in order to achieve the greatest synergy, efficiently and with high quality processes.