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System Logistics has always been available to rapidly resolve mission critical issues, 24 hours a day, every day for our customers.

We provide Subject Matter Experts (SME) to assist with the continual optimization of your automated warehouse from planning through execution.

An initial stock of spare parts is defined during the engineering and installation of your automated material handling system. These spare parts should ordered and on site during the commissioning to ensure that your system maintains operational at all times.

The components of our machines are designed by our own engineers and are produced in compliance with strict specifications.
To guarantee  the performance of your system, we recommend the use of System Logistics parts only. Although we only use top components, warranties are affected by proper use and installation.

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Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure the performance and minimize downtime of your automated material handling system. Depending upon your needs, we’ll design a custom maintenance package to sustain your productivity and efficiency levels over time. Your maintenance package includes detailed reports and recommendations for any necessary adjustments or corrective actions.

Maintenance Audits

A maintenance audit is a great way to evaluate the condition of your system or how your local maintenance team is performing. These audits help to close the gaps to reduce downtime events and helps to prioritize the work to get your system back into peak performance.

Emergency interventions

We have technicians that can travel in emergency downtime situations to your automated material handling system to aid local maintenance team. Our technicians can be dispatched in accordance to your Service Level Agreement within 24-48 hours.

As your business continues to grow and change in the future, it’s likely that your automated material handling system will require updates or adjustments in order to maintain peak productivity and efficiency. As part of our comprehensive customer support program, our logistics consultants will:

  • Analyze your current material handling and logistics systems
  • Define areas in need of upgrades or modifications, including your warehouse management software, PLC, and electronics
  • Review all possibilities for improvement, including expanding current systems and enhancing or replacing out-of-date technologies
  • Outline the costs and benefits of all recommendations

We know that changes to your systems can have major implications for your operation. All after-market activities are managed by our customer support team, who is specially trained to reduce system downtime and the impact on your operation.

Training management and staff on a new material handling system is absolutely critical, whether you’re installing a single piece of equipment or implementing an entirely new warehouse automation process. Staff must understand how to properly use the system and how to take advantage of features to maximize productivity and efficiency.

Our training program includes both standard and customized courses that may be presented on your premises or at our factory. Classes are designed for logistics managers, warehouse supervisors, system operators and supervisors, and maintenance technicians and are structured around participants’ levels of knowledge.

Our customized training programs include:

  • Training on warehouse management software
  • Basic and advanced courses for system operators and supervisors
  • Course for maintenance technicians
  • Training on safety regulations