Loghouse: timeless architecture

Loghouse: timeless architecture

01 January 2019

The new house for System Logistics

System Logistics will have its new headquarters in Fiorano, where offices, production facilities and a new generation automated warehouse will be located.

The new house of System Logistics will host up to five-hundred work stations.

The project has been inspired by the greatest architectural works that have engraved the collective imagination over the centuries

Strongly linked to modularity, proportion and rationality principles, the use of the golden section has proved to be the ground element on which the study of the façades and the balance between solids and voids is to be developed.

The project reflects the soul of the company: the monolith volume allows for a light and rational development of the main front area, that is accomplished in a thrust line that identifies the entrance.

The outer shell is made of ceramic sheets manufactured by Laminam, a company of the System group. The grid that is so formed can be also found in the inner spaces: this will allow the greatest flexibility when configuring the work areas and will provide an unlimited number of layout variations to face future working needs for the 500 work stations available.

A further contribution to the quality of life in the workplace will be given by modern and innovative services, such as the common areas, a corporate restaurant, a fitness area, accurate lighting system design and acoustic comfort. The special attention paid to the outer green areas will result in a building that combines environmental sustainability and care for people.