In 2009, System Logistics decided to invest in the USA with an acquisition of an existing American company, envisioning interesting opportunities in US market. The reason for the acquisition, instead of starting an organization, was determined by different elements: time to build and develop an organization versus acquiring existing assets, but most importantly, acquiring knowledge of the market and cultural aspects quickly. Headquartered in Italy, System Logistics has enjoyed a position of technological leadership in the Food and Beverage Industry intra-logistics solutions throughout Europe. Beginning in 2009, System Logistics strategically turned its focus to global expansion through markets in the US, Asia, and throughout the world. While focusing on the US market, we recognized the need to truly understand the local market and all cultural aspects of doing business in America. Making a strategic acquisition of an existing US order-fulfillment and engineering company provided the efficient gateway to delivering technology already developed in Italy and made ready to serve the US market instead of developing an organization and operations from zero. 

How is System Logistics Corporation evolving?

Driven by relevant business opportunities created by demand for picking systems in many segments and success with substantial major systems sales in the Beverage Industry at the end of 2013, System Logistics has decided to restructure the organization for their operations in U.S.A.  Additionally, food production historically has been the number one market for ASRS solutions. This will continue and is a very important business area for System Logistics as a group. 
Because of this, we made a series of decisions to increase our focus and resources on these segments, while also changing our approach in some ways to the implementation of projects in these areas which has been beneficial for our clients. We created a divisional structure within System Logistics Corporation with two business units.  The Systems business unit provides turnkey solutions for intra-logistics, order fulfillment, warehousing and material handling.  The Modula business unit provides a complete line of horizontal and vertical modular storage systems to a wide range of industries.

Local Presence and Global Expertise

Cross knowledge transfer within our group and partners is the key to leveraging our global expertise and delivering great value in America.  To this end, we have accelerated the process by co-locating resources from the parent company to the US. This action plan is supporting our growth in an even more expedient way while securing and delivering excellent performance to our existing clients and projects. Adopting a more standardized approach will allow us to exploit and leverage resources within our group to improve quality, consistency, and increase customer service. We are confident these specific initiatives have changed and improved us. We are now locally present and stronger.
Another aspect we considered is the necessity to consolidate knowledge within our organization by bringing resources with experience in internationalization of companies and knowledge transfer. This combined with the market specific needs of individual countries or regions contributes to develop our innovative solutions and varying perspectives.
Our group leads the market in several industries with leading edge technologies also benefitting other segments where our company operates.

Focus on the Future and Passion to Perform

With the passion and expertise exemplified by our founder, we are currently engineering and pursuing opportunities in the US. Our efforts are shaped with a mindset of a balanced organization focusing on customer centric solutions and appropriate technical innovations.  We understand the need to continue to deploy technical and service resources in the US to serve our client’s needs, and we are growing!
It is important to promote with passion what we do. Therefore having experienced technical resources in the US, from our HQ, will allow more and more interaction with local clients and further define the needs of what we need to develop within our R&D team.

Finally, we pledge to ensure continuous improvements throughout our operations, provide excellence in solutions engineering, project and service management in order to deliver the best ROI for our Clients; most importantly, we aim to exceed their expectations and make them enjoying to do business with us! This is what we call customer satisfaction obsession