System Logistics Receives Order for automated picking system for Supermarket Chain Tosano in Italy

System Logistics Receives Order for automated picking system for Supermarket Chain Tosano in Italy

The Tosano project confirms the growing interest that the mass retail sector is showing in automated picking systems

System Logistics has been awarded the task of developing an automated warehouse and automated picking system for dry products, to be installed at the Cerea facility (Verona, Italy).

The System Logistics project for Tosano is aimed at increasing the storage capacity within the Cerea distribution centre, and increasing the quality and speed of service to retail outlets, at the same time ensuring a high level of efficiency for all the activities linked to the warehouse area.

The automated warehouse will be located in the existing distribution centre and will comprise of 10 double-deep stacker cranes serving 26,000 pallet locations.  The pallet handling system is an automated electrified monorail.

The system is also equipped with an automated layer depalletization area and a case storage system comprising 10 miniloads having an overall gross capacity of 128,440 cases.

There will also be a case and tray palletization area installed with 4 picking pallet composition islands of which 3 will be completely automatic and 1 manual, with a total palletization capacity of 2800 cases/h.

The system will be completed by 3 automated wrapping stations.

Thanks to the MOPS automated picking system, developed by System Logistics, Tosano will be able to automatically build order  pallets, subdivided by department and  in sequence as required by the lane set-up. Thanks to the “Best Fitting” Software, the heart of the MOPS system, it will also be possible to make up pallets by optimizing various aspects, including volumetric saturation, unloading order, stability, and uniformity of weight.

The system will be developed in two stages: installation of the first half of the pallet warehouse will be completed at the end of July 2016 (5 stacker cranes plus the monorail system; the system will be completed in January 2017.