Interview with Darcie Frohlich, HR Director at System Logistics Corporation in Grand Rapids and Lewiston offices

What is your role at System Logistics? Why do you like working for System Logistics? You have been with the company for many years?

My role is to organize, prepare, collaborate, coordinate, develop programs and provide information and resources in regards to the Human Resource component of System Logistics Corporation - compensation structure, recruiting and retention, performance management, organizational development, safety and risk management, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration and training.

I have been with the company for 17 ½ years now.  I like working for System Logistics because I believe in the company vision and respect the fact that they have invested millions of dollars towards supporting our success.  For me, the investment shows commitment.  I want to be part of that commitment both in my role as HR Director but equally as important for myself personally.  Being part of this is exciting and the reward for me will be the successes we are able to attain with hard work and dedication.

Can you summarize System Logistics’ company culture and HR approach?

To me, company culture is critical as it can make or break the company.  Our culture continues to evolve and change with time.  Our culture today is one that has set good values and practices and hopes that we can continue to build a team that is adaptive to these new values and practices and our employees can align to our business goals.  The studies have proven that a culture where everyone is in alignment to the business goals routinely outperforms the competitors.  This is our goal.

Human Resources and workforce planning play a crucial role in influencing our US growth as well as retention. How does System Logistics' HR department support this growth? 

I like to use this quote:  “If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be” Workforce planning first comes with knowing the objectives.  “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” - DR. Laurence J. Peter, Canadian educator.

System Logistics` leaders, Franco De Angelis and Miguel Fabra have been very clear with the direction of both business units.  My job now is to align with their objectives and support accordingly.  I support the company growth by being proactive versus reactive.  By anticipating workforce needs and look to maximize organizational effectiveness by integrating the organization’s mission, strategic plan, budget, technology, and human resource needs.

What type of talent are we looking for in the market? Which are the most important expertise and skills that we need to find in our new hires? 

System Logistics looks to retain goal oriented and forward thinking talent that has the knowledge and expertise of our product and industry.

What are the most difficult positions to fill in our industry? 

Software/Controls Engineers

In order to maintain our lead in technology in the intralogistics sector, how important is the constant development and training of our employees? 

Critical.  Continuing to collaborate with our Italian colleagues is crucial as their proven successes In Europe and Asia is what our goal is here in the US.  We want to be the leading global supplier of innovative solutions of intra-logistics and material handling for the optimization of the supply chain of warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing operations worldwide.

What will be the main challenge facing HR in our industry over the next five years? 

Recruiting and retaining top talent

What best advice would you give to jobseekers looking to join System Logistics? 

If you thrive with challenge and want to be a key contributor towards building success, this is the workplace for you.